Now get delivery within 15-20 days from India, UK & USA

Shipping Delivery


It depends on the time given by global e-commerce site. Usually, they give 3-7 days time frame to receive the products. Normally Estimated Delivery Date is 15-21 days. That is when an item is connected to air cargo the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) that we provide you, is not a guaranteed delivery date. It is an estimate and it may be subject to change based on unforeseeable circumstances such as a natural disaster, flight delay, flight/travel ban, accidents, virus outbreak. We can’t provide any refund or can’t cancel your items. Only in special condition we might try to cancel and refund you but we can’t guarantee that.

Tax-related Discussion:

  • After receiving the product request we will add the tax amount with the invoice. You will be noticed through email. Then you need to pay us for confirm the order.
  • It's needed to pay the tax immediately after reaching the products to customs. They don’t hold the product for more than 24 hours. So, there is no way to contact every single customer asking for paying tax. We pay the tax to receive the products at the right time. The customer has no chance to pay the tax directly because air cargo shipment of your products directly send to us.
  • Glomart will not provide you with the tax receipt because of business clearance. If you need this badly, then you can take a picture or a photocopy. You are not allowed to ask for the main copy of the tax receipt.
  • It's not possible to guess the amount of tax for all products like a mobile, smartwatch, heavyweight products, shoes, etc. But we have a little bit of an idea. Sometimes this does not work at all. So, you need to pay the amount that customs authority charges for your products during the clearance process.

Product Delivery

You can receive delivery in two ways.

Home Delivery Inside Dhaka: Delivery charge is included in your invoice when you place the order. The delivery charge depends on the courier service’s pricing policy and it may vary from 50/- BDT to 300/- BDT depending on the package’s size and weight.

Home Delivery/Sundarban office outside Dhaka: Delivery charge is included in your invoice when you place the order. After you pay the invoice we will book the parcel for delivery at Sundarban. The charge may vary from 100/- BDT to 1000/- BDT depending on the package’s size and weight.

We use steadfast, Sundarban and SA Paribahan in-house Courier Service for sending your products. Every Thursday & Friday is our scheduled shipment days.

If we get all of your ordered items, automatically it will be sent to your address through couriers. Alternatively, if you request us to deliver the products which already reached out of your ordered items, then we will deliver them. The rest of them will be sent after getting them. Both of the time purchasers will pay the courier charge.

Delivery charge is taken per delivery, not per order. You can add 5 items in a single order and take 5 times separately. In that case, you need to pay a delivery charge 5 times. Again, if you take all 5 times after they arrive and take delivery of them at once, you need to pay a delivery charge just one time.